Two Canucks walk into a bar in Aruba...and they buy it!


TUES - SUN: 6PM - 12AM

Dominicanessenstraat 10, Oranjestad, Aruba

Next to the big church!


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Meet Peter!

Peter explains Poutine :)

Our good friends at Food-Away put together this awesome video to help us introduce Poutine to Aruba!

We Want Mondjes - The Lionel Burger

Lionel Eats a Lionel Burger at Alfie's!

We Want Mondjes dropped by for The Lionel Burger. Check out their video of the man himself, Lionel Crow, eating the burger he created!

"We Want Mondjes" video about our ribs!

Kembo from the "We Want Mondjes" crew stopped into Alfie's for our Thursday night ribs.

Thursday night is 'RIB NIGHT' at Alfie's! Kembo from the "We Want Mondjes" crew reviews his experience. 

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Kite Slam 2017 - Alfie's Kite!

We sponsored Johnny's High Flyers' kite for Kite Slam 2017!

Check out this video to see how our Alfie's kite did!

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We are honoured/excited to be included in "Aruba Curt" Robinson's list of  "Ten Criminally Underrated Aruba Restaurants"!

Many, many thanks for your vote of confidence and your kind words, looking forward to seeing you on your next trip!

Listen to our interview with Curtis Robinson of "One Happy Podcast". 

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